Esmeralda James

Location Sound - Script Writer


The Sound Lady


   I’m an award-winning script writer, director and filmmaker. I have been in the film business since 2012, my passion for writing stories has been with me since early childhood. Having a very vivid imagination it has helped me create stories that has capture my audiences.

   Since I can remember, I have always loved stories of love, horror and the supernatural a little of all  three together. Do to this love I have created stories that have won many awards and more important they have won the love of my fans.

   Being in multiple sets and helped with so many amazing films, I learned that I have an understanding and an ear for sound and how to make sure sound it is recorded correctly on set. Since 2014 I have been recording location sound for many award winning projects and that is how I became "The Sound Lady"

   My dream is to be a full-time writer and help filmmakers bring their ideas from their dreams in to the pages of their scripts.


Esmeralda James.

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SEMI-FINALIST - Los Angeles CineFest - 2
SEMI-FINALIST - Los Angeles CineFest - 2

Finalist - GLITTER   Oklahoma LGBTQ Film
Finalist - GLITTER Oklahoma LGBTQ Film


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